Top 3 Green Organic Cleaning Products

by Stephanie - March 6, 2018

Top 3 Green Organic and Natural Cleaning Products

Although cleaning products are used for cleaning purposes, sometimes their impact within your home and body may be unexpected. Many of us were innocently brought up using many of these dangerous cleaning products, but since we know better now, we should give it a second thought and focus on using green and/or organic cleaning products.

Finding the right green cleaning products can be hard. It’s important the products be both effective and safe. Take a look below at the top 3 green and natural cleaning products that we found.

Seventh Generation

Arguably, on the market today, this product remains the most popular and most widely available natural cleaning brand. In order to ensure product safety and enhance sustainability, the company focused mainly on reducing the environmental impact of production. The company fully discloses all ingredients used in their products, and they have been tested to be safe for people, pets, and the environment at large.

The company boasts of popular line of general household cleaners, these include Glass and Surface Cleaner, All Purpose Tub and Tile Cleaner, Cleaner, Shower Cleaner as well as Toilet Bowl Cleaner amongst others. These cleaners has no artificial fragrances or harsh fumes and they come in pleasant fragrances such as almond, mint and citrus

The company also produces a line of disinfecting cleaners, including Multi-Surface Cleaner, Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner and Disinfecting Multi-Surface Wipes. They also have a line of specialty cleaners for Stainless Steel, Wood as well as Granite and Stone.

Mrs. Meyer’s

Another powerful and natural cleaning products provider is Mrs. Meyer’s.  This company is highly committed to sustainable production practices and ingredient integrity.

They offer Counter Top Spray which is available in Lavender, Geranium as well as Lemon Verbena scents

Their Surface Scrub can be used on appliances, bathroom tile and even for pans and pots! It can be tough on dirt and grime, but won’t scratch delicate surfaces. Their All Purpose Cleaner is available in scents such as Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Basil, and a lot more.

Using non-toxic, biodegradable and naturally-derived substances, Mrs, Meyers products are produced from several types of natural cleaners and their packages can be recycled and recyclable 100%.


Another great and reputable brand offering a very broad line of natural cleaners products is BabyGanics. This company was designed mainly to provide cleaning products that are safe for the most sensitive populations, such as infants, pregnant women, pets as well as young children.

The company offers natural products with no toxic fumes or harsh residues. All products are either fragrance free or naturally and delicately scented. You can try their All Purpose Surface Wipes, All Purpose Cleaner, Tub and Tile Cleaner, Toy and Highchair Cleaner.

Other Natural Cleaning Alternatives:

Sometimes we fail to recognize the fact that, the most cost effective, simplest, purest and effective cleaners are some items we probably have the house: some of them and their respective functions are listed below:

Ordinary table salt (or sea salt): when it comes to scouring and scrubbing tough and dirt grime, ordinary table salt (or sea salt) can be very useful, they can also be used to disinfect high traffic areas.

For window cleaning and cutting through grease, vinegar and lemon juice are very great. It is also useful for preventing mold formation.

Finally, for natural household cleaning, you can not underestimate the cleaning power of Baking soda! The solution helps to scour and scrub, cleanses and deodorizes. When mixed with vinegar, it can also help to unclog drains.

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