How to Organize Household Chores: Who Does What?

by Stephanie - September 20, 2019

During the first half of the 20th century, it was generally accepted that husbands worked a full-time job and provided for the family, while wives stayed home to take care of the kids and effectively deal with domestic chores at an expert level.

Today, economic and cultural shifts have made it virtually impossible for a middle-class parent to single-handedly provide for the entire family. Because both parents have to be employed full time to make ends meet, they either have to agree on who cleans what or hire professional maid services in Dunwoody GA to do it for them.

So how should you go about organizing daily chores? What if your husband doesn’t want to clean? How often should you clean your home, anyway? Read on to learn how to solve these common cleaning dilemmas.

Who should do household chores?

Who should do what around the house depends in great part on what other responsibilities they have. And when we say “who”, we don’t mean just you and your spouse: we mean your kids as well. If a child is old enough to hold a conversation, they’re also old enough to help keep things tidy.

Here are some general guidelines on who should do home chores:

  • If only one parent works full time, and the other one only works half-time or is a stay-at-home mom or dad, then it’s the responsibility of the parent who has more free time to deal with the chores.
  • If both parents work full time, then they need to come to an agreement on who does what and at what time. If both spouses work tasking jobs that leave little time and energy for cleaning, then hiring a reputable cleaning company is likely the best idea.
  • If your children can get a driver’s license, then they can also grab some cleaning supplies and clean the house. Even if they’re busy with school or work, they’re still members of the household and should do their fair share of the chores.
  • Single parents have it rough, no question about it. Teaching your kids to clean after themselves from an early age, or booking a cleaning service, is the only way to make your life easier in the long run.

How do you split household tasks?

If both you and your spouse are employed full time, and your kids aren’t yet old enough to help much (or at all) with chores, you’ll have to sit down with your significant other and agree on who does what and when.

You can make splitting your household cleaning easier if you do the following:

  • Do weekend cleanings when both you and your spouse are at home and well-rested. This way, you can perform the cleaning together.
  • Keep cleaning preferences in mind. Some people hate washing dishes, while others would much rather wash dishes than vacuum the house. Some individuals suffer from asthma or have sensitive skin that gets aggravated by dust, so they likely aren’t going to want to deal with dust or mold. Splitting the cleaning will be much easier if no one is being forced to do something they deeply dislike.
  • Hire a cleaning company. What’s the point of working hard and being a good employee, if all you get to do with your free time is mop and scrub? Why not let the experts deal with the mess while you treat yourself and your loved ones to a little something at the Perimeter Mall?

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