How to Get Your Husband to Help You Out With Cleaning

by Stephanie - September 20, 2019

The time when most women were housewives whose primary responsibility was to provide a clean home and a hot meal for their husband and children is long gone. Today, it’s common for both parents to be employed full time. As a result, ensuring the home is sparkling clean is a responsibility that must be shared.

But what if your husband doesn’t want to help out with cleaning, or says he does, but is lazy to actually do it? Scheduling recurring cleanings with a top-notch maid service in Dunwoody GA can easily solve this problem and also give you both the free time you need to enjoy yourselves at, for instance, the Dunwoody Park.

The other way is to reconsider is how best to approach your husband about this. Splitting household chores is a great way to get housework done fast, and making sure your hubby understands this will greatly improve your domestic life. Check out our tips on how to do it!

Do husbands help with housework?

It depends on your family situation. If both you and your husband are steadily employed, then yes, your husband should absolutely help with weekly or daily cleanings. He’s not a little boy and you’re not his mother, so naturally, he shouldn’t expect you to clean up after him.

On the other hand, if you’re a stay-at-home mom and your husband is the family’s only provider, then housekeeping is your responsibility. Needless to say, this goes both ways: if you’re the sole provider in the family, the housework falls on your husband.

Also, consider the other obligations the two of you have. For example, if you have a dog, and the husband is responsible for taking it for a walk 2-3 times a day (even when it’s cold or raining outside), then you should cut him some slack when it comes to the other chores.

How do I motivate a lazy husband?

So let’s say you and your husband have agreed to split the chores, but he keeps trying to avoid them or only does the bare minimum. Constantly criticizing him for it is a bad idea, because nagging women subconsciously remind men of their mothers and teachers, and that’s something you should try to avoid.

It’s much better to take a different approach:

  • Find cleaning tasks he’s okay with. Maybe your hubby hates vacuuming and dusting, but he’s actually fine with washing the dishes or mopping the floor. Split the tasks so that he’s only doing the stuff he has no problem with.
  • Get a dishwasher. If he’s irresponsible when it comes to cleaning the dishes, make him buy a dish-washing machine. If he’s less than diligent about vacuuming or window washing, he should go to a tech store and pick up a robotic vacuum cleaner or window cleaner.
  • Give him “manly” responsibilities. Make him fix the leaking sink, or restore the doggy house, or scrub away the mold under the toilet. Some men feel terrible with a broom in their hands, but have no problem performing traditionally-male tasks such as mowing the lawn or cutting wood.
  • Make him take you to a restaurant. If it was his turn to cook, and he didn’t do it or he did a bad job, it’s only fair that he takes you and the kids to a nice eatery.

Where can I book a reputable maid service in Dunwoody GA?

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