6 Expert Tips for an Easy Fall Declutter

by SEO - October 26, 2021

Fall cleaning is always a heated topic among homeowners and it starts with the first telltale signs that the fall is right around the corner. And fall cleaning and annual decluttering plans always go hand in hand. 

Because fall cleaning and decluttering is an extensive and time-consuming project, most homeowners decide to take the easier approach and hire a Sandy Springs, GA house cleaning service. However, if you like doing chores on your own, have great homemade cleaner recipes that bring you a variety of benefits, and have an amazing fall cleaning system, read on. This guide will help you further hone your skills and get a spotlessly hygienic home this fall.

How do I declutter my home in the fall?

Take a look at these pro tips to take your decluttering strategy to the next level:How do I declutter my home in the fall

  1. First things first, if you want to thoroughly declutter your home, you need to let go of the sentimental bond you have with some items. This isn’t to say that you have to throw away precious family heirlooms or all of the items you hold dear. We’re talking about the things that seem important at a glance, but they’re actually not. For example, souvenirs you bought on a vacation twenty years ago that you have no use for and never look at.
  2. Everyone’s guilty of putting random things in the first drawer they get their hands on without giving it much thought. People do it simply because it’s convenient at a given moment but forget all about it later on. Look around your home and you’ll notice things that are out of place or things that you’ve completely forgotten about. Those are the items that need to be either moved to their proper place, donated, or flat out thrown out. 
  3. You’ll need a good decluttering system. Plan out the order you’ll go in. For example, you could sort out the upstairs first and then move onto the downstairs area. Prepare plenty of cardboard boxes or plastic storage containers. After you’ve filled each one, label them so you can  find the things that you’ve stored away more easily. 
  4. Start small and work your way up. You should begin by getting rid of small unnecessary items and trash first. Go over things like random receipts that you can find in drawers, papers you’ve left on bookshelves without thinking about it, etc. This will help you out a lot afterwards, and will stop you from backtracking and doing the same things twice. 
  5. After you’re done with miscellaneous clutter, you can move onto more time-consuming tasks, like sorting through your wardrobe or pantry. Apply the same methodical principle here by taking everything out so you can see it and going through the items one by one. Throw out everything that’s no longer fit to be used, keep the things that you can still make use of, and give away the ones that are still in mint condition.
  6. Involve the whole family. The whole family contributes to the mess, so why wouldn’t they chip in now? You can make it fun by playing some music and making a competition out of it. The kids could be in charge of clearing out their wardrobe or desk, for example.

Who is a provider of trustworthy Sandy Springs, GA house cleaning?

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