Best Vacuums For Dog Hair

by Stephanie - May 29, 2017


Frankly speaking, Dogs can be an absolute ton of fun. However, no matter how carefully we take care of Dogs, we still see dog  hair everywhere in the house which can be very annoying. Sometimes Dog Hair can be so extensive that we would see them on the carpet, in the air, as well as on the sofa. Just like other pets we keep, Dog’s Hair can be unsightly, stick to clothes, and sometimes you just can’t help it anymore. A good vacuum is what is needed to get rig of dog hair.

Luckily, there a few vacuums out there that can help us solve this problem, without having to go through too much stress and effort. We have carefully listed the vacuums below for you.

Upright Vacuums

These types of vacuums are great and ideal for handling the floor. If your Dog is a fluffy type, things can get out of hand quickly as Dog hair tends to accumulate quickly. If the floor is the main problem, then these vacuum cleaners would do the job.

Here are some of the best upright vacuums:





Canister Vacuums

Similar to an upright vacuum, Canister vacuums are a lot higher powered, they features a relatively stationary base and handle. These features make them the best for the floor and for reaching up high when you need to.

They are very easy to use since you’ll just be dragging the canister around behind you. Also if you face thick hair, the extra power would be very useful. The design on the other hand allows you to take care of furniture fairly well. So if your house has a large amount of pet hair, canister vacuums are the best choice to consider.

Her are some of the best Canister Vacuums:






Handheld Vacuums

These vacuums are great for handling your pet’s balls of fluff without having to go through much stress.

Since they’re light and powerful with many attachments, handheld vacuums remain the best for taking care of furniture. On the other hand, they are not recommended for doing the floors because of their suction power.

Here are some of the best Handheld Vacuums

Black and Decker 

Eureka Easy Clean


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