Upholstery Cleaning Tips and Tricks

by Stephanie - August 6, 2019

How do you clean fabric upholsteryIt doesn’t matter how careful you and the other members of your household are, sooner or later, someone will spill a drink on a padded chair, or a cat or dog with less-than-clean paws will climb on a couch.

Either way, this will result in stubborn upholstery stains that are resistant to the products you normally use when doing your weekly home cleaning in Atlanta. That begs the question: what’s the most effective way to clean fabric upholstery?

Last month, we helped you speed up your bathroom cleaning by giving you a few tried-and-true bathroom cleaning tips and tricks. Now we’ll explain how to efficiently clean most upholstery stains. Read on to learn more.

How do you clean fabric upholstery?

The first thing to keep in mind when it comes to upholstery cleaning is that you need to clean any spills and stains the moment they occur. Leaving this task for later will result in the stains becoming more deeply ingrained, and therefore more difficult (or even impossible) to remove. So, drop whatever you’re doing and attend to those spills and blots ASAP.

The best ways to keep your upholstery looking good include:

  • Vacuum frequently. Regular vacuuming keeps the fabric in good condition by removing any crumbs or dust before they can settle into the furniture. Vacuuming can even cause an old stain to become a lot less visible.
  • Furniture cleaning codes are extremely useful. Unless the piece of furniture in question is antique or vintage, it’s likely marked with a cleaning code that suggests the safest and most effective ways to clean it.
  • Steaming is useful if your furniture can be cleaned with water as it can loosen the stains and make them infinitely easier to remove. You can use your iron’s steaming feature to do this, too.
  • Use mild cleaning solutions. If the piece of furniture in question can be cleaned with water, mix some dish soap and cool water, and blot the stain using a wrung-out sponge. Rubbing may weaken the fabric, so don’t do it. Afterward, rinse the sponge and blot out some of the soap mixture with it. If you can’t clean your furniture with water, use vinegar on a cloth instead.
  • Use stronger cleaning solutions. If milder solutions don’t work, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Look for heavy duty cleaners that specialize in your particular type of stain (wine stain cleaners for wine stains, and so on). Just make sure to spot-test them in a discreet place to make sure they aren’t going to create an even bigger problem than the one you already have.
  • Get the pros to do it. If your stain has resisted all of the above methods, it’s going to need professional attention. Hiring a reputable cleaning service is the best way to ensure those pesky stains are removed quickly and effectively.

What is the best way to clean a fabric sofa?What is the best way to clean a fabric sofa

While the cleaning techniques we listed above work for sofa cleaning as well, you should consider outsourcing it to the pros. After all, your sofa is the centerpiece of your living room, and making sure it’s impeccable is one of the most important types of living room cleaning you can do.

On top of that, cleaning services also give you the gift of leisure time that you can use to relax and have fun. For instance, you could go shopping with your friends or relax with your loved ones in Freedom Parkway.

Who are the most dependable home cleaning pros Atlanta can offer?

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