3 Tips on How to Clean Wooden Furniture

by SEO - July 21, 2021

How do you clean dirty wooden furnitureWooden furniture is not only sturdy and reliable, but also a magnificent decoration item. In most cases they are passed down as family heirlooms. Aside from being beautiful, this furniture can also be quite expensive, which is another reason why you should properly take care of your wooden furniture.

House cleaning in general requires a lot of free time. The best way to always keep your house fresh and clean is to contact your local home cleaning service provider in Tucker, GA. However, if you like to do things yourself, keep in mind that wood can be quite tricky to clean.

Knowing things like how to clean wooden kitchen counters, what the proper way to go about cleaning hardwood floors is and what products are safe to use on wooden surfaces will help you a lot. Read on!

Can I use vinegar to clean wood furniture?

Even though vinegar can be a pretty good cleaning agent, unfortunately you can’t use it on every wooden surface. More often than not, vinegar’s acidity will damage the wood. However, some wood finishes allow for the use of vinegar, so it really depends on the type of furniture you have.

Dip a cotton ball into a solution of water, and vinegar, and use it on an inconspicuous part of the furniture. If it strips away the finish on your furniture, you should not use that type of solution, and you probably should go with a weaker cleaning solution instead. This is the only way to establish whether or not vinegar can harm a particular piece of furniture.

How do you clean dirty wooden furniture?

Typically most furniture only requires regular dusting to be kept in a pristine condition. But, sometimes it can get quite dirty, to the point that it requires a thorough scrub.

Here are five tips to help you effectively clean your wooden furniture:

1. Dust your furniture

First and foremost, dust your furniture thoroughly. This will not only make your life easier later on, but will also ensure that you do not damage your furniture’s surface.

Among the regular dust that accumulates on everything, there might be traces of dirt or sand. Both sand and dirt are extremely coarse and can scratch the wooden surface when you get to wiping it down with a damp cloth.

2. Choosing your cleaning solution

You can use either store-bought cleaning products that are safe to use and specifically made for wooden furniture, or you can make your own solution.

Many types of wood finishes can be wiped down with a solution made of dish soap and water. Just remember to adequately dilute the solution, since you dont want too much soap in your mixture. Your other choice is a solution that consists of equal parts vinegar and water, if you would rather avoid using chemicals.

3. Proper way to clean

Remember, you don’t need much cleaning solution to wipe down wooden surfaces. Barely dampen the cleaning cloth you plan to use and wring it out.

Lightly wipe down the piece of furniture. If your furniture is particularly dirty, remember that cleaning more difficult stains only takes more time, not more force. Do not apply too much pressure when cleaning any wooden furniture, or you might take off the finish on some of the more delicate pieces.

Use a dry rag to wipe it down and get rid of the excess water left on the furniture. After that simply leave it to air-dry.

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