Tips & Tricks for Easy Microwave Cleaning

by SEO - March 1, 2022

How to clean a microwave quickly and easilyThe first microwave oven models came out almost sixty years ago, and today, they’re still as popular as ever. In terms of kitchen appliances, microwaves are one of the easiest appliances to clean. Plus, if you take into consideration how easy it is to use them and how convenient they are, it’s no wonder that so many people use them every single day. Therefore, it’s quite hard to find a household in the US that doesn’t own one. However, nobody actually likes to clean them when the time comes to do so.

Many people simply call a house cleaning company in Decatur, GA to take care of their whole kitchen for them. However, you may still be interested in perfecting basic appliance cleaning and maintenance, such as handling your microwave or keeping your refrigerator fresh and sparkling on your own. If you prefer doing chores yourself, read on for simple ways to get your microwave oven to shine again!

How to clean a microwave quickly and easily?

There are few appliances that get messier faster than your microwave. Spilled spaghetti sauce and built-up grease stains from leftover food you forgot to take out are normal occurrences. Dried-up splotches on the inside walls and lingering smells can be pretty difficult to get rid of. However, don’t panic; it’s manageable. Here are a few ways in which you can give your appliance a complete makeover without much effort.

1. Steam your microwave with lemon water

This is a tried-and-true method for not only degreasing your microwave, but also giving it a really nice citrusy smell. Take one normal-sized lemon, slice it into quarters, and put it in a bowl filled with water. Put the bowl with the lemons in the microwave and turn it on high heat for one minute.

You’ll notice that it’s starting to fill with steam. Let it run for a full minute, but don’t open the door right away. Let the steam do its job for about a minute, and then take the bowl out. You’ll notice that any grease stains have become extremely easy to wipe off, so just grab a paper towel and thoroughly wipe the inside of the appliance. And what you’re left with is a freshly scented, grease-free microwave that’s in great condition.

2. Make a baking soda paste for stains

If you notice any tougher, dried-up stains, you can make a baking soda paste. As the name suggests, you probably already have the main ingredient in your pantry. 

Baking soda is a great deodorizer as well as a sanitizer, and it’s completely non-toxic, so you can use it to treat the inside of your microwave. In paste form, it’s also a good abrasive agent, but not to the point that it can damage its inside walls, which makes it perfect for removing those pesky dried-up food stains. 

Mix two parts baking soda and one part water to create a paste, which you can then rub onto the stained surface. Let it sit for about five minutes before wiping it off. 

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