How to Convince Your Family to Help You With House Cleaning

by SEO - December 29, 2020

If you watch TV shows from the 50s and the 60s, you’ll likely see stereotypical nuclear families that consisted of two kids, a working dad, and a stay-at-home mom who kept the place spotless and orderly and ensured everyone was well-fed. Much has changed since then.

Nowadays, being able to support a family on a single paycheck is a pipe dream for most Americans. Housekeeping is the first thing to suffer in this situation. With both parents spending the majority of their day at work and in commute, vital chores such as cleaning end up either getting rushed or outsourced to Marietta house cleaning services.

An effective way to solve this problem and maintain a healthy home is by involving the whole family in the cleaning process. But how do you convince a tired spouse or a moody teenager to pick up a mop? Read on to find out!

How do I get my family to clean the house?

How do I get my family to clean the houseYou need to make sure everyone knows exactly what their cleaning tasks are and when they’re supposed to do them. Once that’s determined, you need to hold them accountable and not back down until these tasks become a habit.

Here’s how to do it:

Your significant other

It all comes down to being able to communicate clearly with your spouse. Tell them you feel you have too much on your plate, and that you could really use their help. Furthermore, if both of you are working full-time, there’s absolutely no reason why only one of you should be doing all the work around the house.

Some men are embarrassed to do certain cleaning tasks because they consider them to be somehow degrading. If your husband feels this way, he should at least be expected to deal with traditionally “manly” housework (eg., trimming the lawn, walking the dog, etc.).

Your children

There are no two ways about it: when it comes to getting your kids to help with housework, you need to exercise your parental authority. Kids will only try to evade their chores if they think they can get away with it, so it’s up to you to make sure they don’t get this impression.

Consider doing some or all of the following:

  • Don’t let them have fun until after they’ve completed their housekeeping tasks. Take away their phone, TV shows, video games, and any other forms of entertainment. Most kids can’t stand boredom, so they’ll do the cleaning just to get it over with. If you stick to your guns, this will eventually become a habit for them.
  • Penalize them by not giving them an allowance, refusing to buy them the things they want, grounding them, and generally not letting them get away with being lazy. Don’t forget to discuss this with your spouse beforehand to ensure you’re both on the same page.
  • Reward them in some small way when they do their chores on time. For example, you could prepare their favorite meal or let them play games for a bit longer than usual. Over time, this will make them subconsciously associate completing their chores with something positive.

Where can I book top-of-the-line Marietta house cleaning services?

Where can I book top-of-the-line Marietta house cleaning servicesNo matter how diligent and motivated you are when it comes to cleaning, there comes a time when you and the other members of your household are simply too busy with work, school, and other obligations to give cleaning the attention it needs.

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