How to Find Motivation for Cleaning and Make Housekeeping Fun

by SEO - November 25, 2020

How can I get motivated to clean my houseIt’s an unfortunate reality that most working Americans don’t get much free time. Between our jobs, our friends and families, and other responsibilities that require our attention, we rarely get more than an hour or two to ourselves on most weekdays. 

This naturally makes people prioritize spending what little leisure time they have on fun and educational activities. Non-essential chores such as taking care of the house cleaning tend to get rushed, neglected, or, in the best case scenario, outsourced to professional house cleaning services in Marietta, GA. 

But what if you can no longer delay doing your cleaning, or aren’t currently able to call in housekeeping experts to do it for you? How do you find the motivation to clean a messy home? Is there any way to make cleaning at least a little fun? Keep reading to find out!

How can I get motivated to clean my house?

The harder the challenge before you seems, the more difficult it is to motivate yourself and your loved ones to get started. It’s much harder to find the motivation to clean an extremely dingy and cluttered home, than one that’s just a little dirty. 

In other words, by minimizing the amount of grime and dust that gets in your home, you’ll be making each cleaning easier and therefore less time-consuming. Doing this requires adopting a few good habits and making some adjustments, but it’ll all come natural to you after awhile. 

Consider making the following changes:

Shoes have no place in the house

Wearing outdoor footwear indoors is a great way to spread mud everywhere, damage your carpets and rugs, and bring toxins into your place. Leaving shoes at the door and wearing slippers or staying barefoot while at home is the way to go. 

Pets should stay on the floor

At most, your pets should have a single piece of furniture they’re allowed to climb onto. Everything else should be off limits to reduce the amount of hair you have to pick up during your cleanings. This has the added benefit of preventing scratches and gross accidents on upholstery.

Zero-tolerance policy for clutter

Never let yourself or any other member of your household leave clothes, magazines, dog leashes, food wrappings, phone chargers, dirty eating utensils, or any other item just lying around where it doesn’t belong. Everything should always be stored in its designated place when it’s not being used. 

How can I make my chores more fun?

Quick, ask yourself: what do I listen to while cleaning? If the answer is “music” or “nothing”, you’re doing it wrong. Podcasts and audiobooks are where it’s at! Get some wireless headphones or earbuds, find some creators you like (many great podcasts are 100% free on Youtube), and use the hours you spend cleaning in a fun and educational way. 

If you’re a parent, a great way to make chores more entertaining while also teaching your kids valuable life skills, is to turn cleaning into a family effort. Being expected to help with cleaning from an early age will also give your children a first-hand understanding of why being tidy is so important. 

Where can I book premium house cleaning services in Marietta, GA?

How can I make my chores more funSometimes, even with all the motivation in the world, you’re just too busy or too tired to pick up those cleaning supplies and give your place the scrubbing it needs. This is where The Moxie Maids comes in. 

We specialize in connecting our clients with trained cleaning professionals who have the skills and long-term experience needed to provide truly superb cleanings. They will gladly make your home sparkling clean while you get some much-needed rest or take a relaxing stroll through the beautiful Northwest Marietta Historic District