Cleaning as a Family: How to Turn Housekeeping Into a Team Effort

by SEO - December 29, 2020

Few people can honestly say they enjoy cleaning their home. It’s a repetitive and exhausting chore that takes up a large amount of your time and requires you to spend your money on costly cleaning supplies. Worst of all, it’ll never end: you’ll have to keep sanitizing your home on a regular basis for as long as you live.

Enlisting the help of a reliable Marietta house cleaning company is a quick and effective way to get a spotless home without having to waste your valuable free time on cleaning, but is it the only thing you can do? What if calling in the pros is simply not an option for you?

A great way to make life easier for yourself and also teach your kids valuable life lessons at the same time is to get your family involved in cleaning. Keep reading to learn how to do just that!

How should housework be divided?

How should housework be dividedBack when our grandparents were young, it used to be common practice in America for one parent to work a full-time job and provide for the family, while the other stayed at home to raise the children and take care of housekeeping.

The economical landscape has changed a lot since those days. While stay-at-home parents still exist, in most families both spouses need to work a full-time job to make ends meet.

As a result, the bulk of the housework has to be divided not just between the two parents, but also between the kids as well. Luckily, specialized appliances allow us to automate at least some types of cleaning.

Here’s how to automate some cleaning tasks:

  • Window cleaning robots are invaluable if you have large windows or glass doors.
  • Robot vacuums greatly reduce the time you have to spend cleaning your floors.
  • Self-cleaning ovens remove the need for exhausting and time-consuming oven cleanings.
  • Dishwashing machines offer an easy way to keep your dishes sparkling clean at all times.

How do I make a family chore list?

First, choose a work day and designate it as the “Cleaning Day”. This is the day when every member of your household has to attend to their cleaning obligations. This approach can be hard to enforce at first, but if you stick with it for a few months, your family will eventually get on with the program.

Once the Cleaning Day becomes the norm in your household, your loved ones will naturally start holding each other accountable, which will in turn make it even less likely that anyone will be able to dodge their cleaning responsibilities.

This has the added benefit of making motivating yourselves to clean a lot easier, since the amount of cleaning everybody needs to do is a lot smaller than if a single person was doing all the work.

Consider the following when determining who cleans what:

  • Some people really dislike certain types of cleaning.
  • Teenagers and young adults should generally be expected to keep their rooms clean.
  • Everyone should wash eating utensils (or put them in the dishwasher) after they’re done using them.

Where can I hire a dependable Marietta house cleaning company?

How do I make a family chore listHaving a great family housekeeping schedule is all well and good, but what if you just don’t feel like cleaning today? Maybe work and school-related obligations have left you with very little free time, or perhaps you’d rather enjoy a carefree dinner at the Big Chicken while the experts take care of the chores?

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