4 Tips on Deep Cleaning Your Bedroom

by SEO - May 28, 2021

How do you deep clean a messy bedroomMost of us like to have our bedroom be the cleanest room in our house, and rightfully so. At the end of the day, it is the place where you go to have a good night’s rest after a long day. And nobody would like to be surrounded by clothes strewn across the room and a clutter of unnecessary things on the nightstands. The first urge you get when you see a scene like that is to completely and thoroughly clean the whole bedroom.

If you want it properly cleaned, you can even schedule professional house cleaning in Chamblee, GA. If you wanted to, you could also clean it on your own, but it will take some effort. There’s a correct living room cleaning method, the most efficient technique for bathroom tile cleaning, and a proper way to clean your kitchen. Similarly, there’s a right and a wrong way to clean your bedroom. Read on for some pro tips on how to get your bedroom to sparkle.

How do you deep clean a messy bedroom?

The best way to go about cleaning a really cluttered bedroom is to follow these tips:

1. Decluttering

Pick up all of the trash, including any under the bed, nightstand, or dresser, and put it in a garbage bag. Also, collect all of the items that don’t belong in the bedroom and put them in a box, then set it aside. Make sure to gather all decorations or other items you no longer want to keep. Put them in a separate box and you can later donate them or simply throw them away.

2. Cleaning and vacuuming

Whenever you dust, start from the top of the room, work your way down, and move from one side of the room to the other rather than going back and forth. Make sure to dust light fixtures and remember to give those corners a good clean. If there are any marks on the walls, wipe them down with some warm water, a little dish soap, and a microfiber cloth.

If you can, move the furniture to vacuum beneath and behind it. Use the floor attachment to get under your bed. Using the crevice attachment, vacuum around the base of the walls and remove dust buildup. If you have a carpet that has gotten so old it’s not worth cleaning anymore, get rid of it because it’s a potential source of allergens. Just make sure to get in contact with your local solid waste services that will dispose of it for you.

3. Window washing

Dust doesn’t only accumulate on side tables and dressers. It also coats ceiling fan blades, crown molding, and window sills. Be sure to dust them, as well as your heating and air conditioning vents.

Use a microfiber cloth and warm, soapy water to wipe the window sills and tracks, and use glass cleaner to polish the windows. Make sure to wipe it off with a dry microfiber or antibacterial cloth to get rid of streaks on the window panes.

4. Closet and dresser cleaning

While this might take the biggest amount of time, it will create the greatest amount of joy when you’re getting ready in the morning. Having everything organized makes your life easier and it’s a nice sight to see early in the morning. Put all the clothes that you haven’t worn in a long time in a box and set it aside, so you can donate it when you get the chance.

How often should you deep clean your bedroom?

The bedroom is one of those rooms that is often overlooked. Certain parts of the house see more usage, like bathrooms and living rooms, so people pay attention to them more. Most homeowners tend to focus on parts of the home that guests see.

Typically, bedrooms do not have to be deep cleaned more than once a month because they are the rooms that most people use only during the night and in the early mornings. Regular weekly dusting and vacuuming is required, of course. However, if you have pets in the house or family members who suffer from allergies, you might want to deep clean the bedrooms more often than once a month.

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