What’s the Most Effective Way to Deal With Household Germs?

by SEO - August 20, 2020

Good hygiene and cleaning habits are some of the most positive traits an individual can have. After all, thoroughly sanitizing your home on a regular basis is one of the best ways to limit the amount of dangerous pathogens, allergens, toxins, and mold in your living space.

In order to help you do just that, we’ve written a brief guide on proper household disinfection techniques and explained what to do if a member of your family is ill or has recently been sick.

Just keep in mind that, if your place hasn’t been disinfected in a while, you may have to take additional precautions and have professional cleaners in Atlanta, GA, give it an extensive disinfectant fogging treatment. Read on to learn more.

How do you sterilize a room?How do you sterilize a room

Many Americans use the words sanitize, disinfect, and sterilize interchangeably. In reality, sterilization refers to the process of completely destroying all life, including microorganisms, on a particular surface by using acid, heat, radiation, and other extreme measures.

Needless to say, we don’t have to go to such lengths when cleaning our homes. All we really need are our everyday cleaning supplies, a quality household disinfectant or disinfecting wipes, and a lot of elbow grease.

Here’s how to clean and disinfect your home:

Step #1: Stay safe

It’s highly recommended that you wear disposable gloves and a face mask while cleaning. Also, avoid touching your face during the cleaning, and wash your hands thoroughly once you’re done.

Step #2: Clean

First, wash or wipe down a surface using an appropriate cleaning product, or soap and water. Pay extra attention to frequently touched surfaces such as TV remotes, game controllers, computer keyboards, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, and so on.

Step #3: Let the air in

Before using your disinfectant of choice, make sure you’ve opened all the windows. This will eliminate unpleasant odors and prevent the fumes from the chemicals from contaminating your indoor air quality.

Step #4: Disinfect

After a surface has been cleaned, wipe it down with disinfectant wipes or apply an EPA-recommended disinfectant. If this is your first time using these products, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the instructions on the packaging.

How do you disinfect a room after being sick?

If a member of your family or a roommate has recently been sick with an infectious disease such as COVID-19, you should give the rooms they used during their illness an in-depth cleaning and disinfection by following the above steps.

Consider any areas the sick family member may have used during their illness. If you have a shared bathroom, make sure to sanitize the toilet and any other surfaces that they may have touched. If they were preparing their own meals, be ready to put in extra effort when sanitizing your kitchen.

How do you disinfect a room after being sick

Finally, gather any clothes, blankets, bed sheets, pillow covers, and other fabrics the sick person has used and wash them at the hottest appropriate setting. Afterward, hang them outside and leave them there until they’ve dried completely.

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