Most Effective Methods and Tips to Improve Your Vacuuming

by SEO - November 30, 2021

Vacuuming is a fairly simple and straightforward cleaning task that everyone does on a regular basis. But in order to make this endeavor more effective, there are a few rules that can help make your vacuuming even more productive.

While you can rely on the help of a trusted maid service in East Point, GA, knowing how to vacuum well can come in handy. Just like proper mirror cleaning, kitchen cleaning and sink stain removal or hardwood floor mopping, vacuuming is all about technique and everyone can do it properly with some simple tricks. Keep reading to find out more.

Should you dust before vacuuming?

Should you dust before vacuumingIn short, yes. It’s always advisable to dust before moving onto other tasks that involve cleaning the floor, like vacuuming and mopping. Not only will this make your vacuuming more effective, but it will also immensely speed up your pace and cut your cleaning time by a substantial amount.

Dusting after vacuuming isn’t effective because dusting is bound to kick up particles of dust into the air. These will eventually and undoubtedly end up on the floor. It’s entirely impractical to dust after vacuuming, making your efforts to thoroughly vacuum your floors ineffective. 

How do you vacuum more effectively?

The secret to more effective vacuuming is to simply make enough room for yourself to work. Another key element is to make sure you’re able to get to the dust and dirt in hard-to-reach spaces.

Here are a few things to consider:

1. Work strategically

Work smart rather than hard. Dust before you vacuum and make sure to dust off any picture frames, memorabilia, or decorations that you might have on your walls.

2. Move everything out of the way

Clear yourself a path and arrange the space in a way that allows you to work freely. Move any large furniture so that you can vacuum the dust and dirt that has built up underneath it. By doing so, it’ll become easier for you to reach those pesky corners and hard-to-reach places where most of the dirt gets trapped. Those are the spots that usually go uncleaned simply because they are tucked away and are in a very awkward spot.

3. Work your way outside of a room

What this means is that you should start vacuuming inside of a room and move out, rather than start vacuuming near the door and then move toward the center. This will ensure that you don’t skip anything in the room. By the time you leave the room, you should be done with the vacuuming and you can move onto the next area of your home. 

How do you vacuum more effectively4. Make a strategy

Some rooms of the house are easier to vacuum and some are notorious when it comes to it. The bedroom can be especially difficult to handle because it may contain a ton of dust and allergens. You should go with the easier rooms first, leaving the more difficult ones for last. This way, you’ll be less likely to transfer the dirt to cleaner rooms as you go.

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