The Ultimate Guide to Deep Cleaning Your Home After a Winter Storm

by Stephanie - January 13, 2023

Winter storms can cause a lot of damage to your home. If you live in Atlanta, then you were most likely affected by a winter freeze storm recently,  so it may be time for a deep clean! This blog post will discuss the best ways to clean your home after a deep winter storm. We’ll cover everything from cleaning up water damage to removing ice and snow from your property. Follow these tips, and you’ll be

The Ultimate Deep Cleaning Your Home After a Winter Storm

able to get your home back in order in no time!

1. Start With The Basics – Dust, Vacuum, And Mop All Floors.

Cleaning your home may feel like a daunting, never-ending task – but it’s important to start the process with the basics. Make sure you dust, vacuum, and mop all floors throughout each area of your home. This can help improve air quality, reduce allergens, and create a great overall base for deep cleaning. Plus, tackling the big jobs first can ensure that other tasks are relatively easy to manage.

 So get out your cleaning supplies – because starting with the basics is the perfect way to create a beautiful home!


2. Wash All Windows Inside And Out To Let In More Light

Windows are one of the first places where dirt and grime accumulate. When you don’t clean them regularly, it can make your home look dingy and dark. Washing your windows makes your home look brighter and more inviting and lets in more natural light. Natural light has many benefits, like making you feel happier and more alert. It can also help you save on your energy bill by reducing the need for artificial lighting.

3. Clean Out Your Gutters And Downspouts

Cleaning out your gutters and downspouts is an important step in preventing potential water damage. Dust, debris, and leaves can build up over time and cause blockages that prevent rainwater from effectively draining away from your roof. This can lead to extensive water damage, some of which can cause expensive repairs or replacements. Ensuring that your gutters are regularly cleaned will help you avoid this costly home repair expense. It’s also beneficial for avoiding other potential problems, such as the growth of mildew and molds around your home. Taking the time for a simple gutter cleaning greatly benefits both cost savings and avoiding difficult-to-solve problems.

4. Inspect Your Roof For Any Missing Or Damaged Shingles

It’s always important to perform routine maintenance on your roof and make sure everything is functioning properly. Inspecting your roof for any missing or damaged shingles is an important step in preserving the energy efficiency, longevity, and overall health of your home since these can leave exposed areas that may contribute to water infiltration or provide shelter for animals. Additionally, such inspections can help identify potential safety issues before they become a problem, potentially saving you money by addressing minor damages before they become major repairs. Don’t delay – schedule a regular checkup with your local roofing contractor today!

5. Check Around the Exterior of Your Home for Any Cracks Or Holes That Need To Be Repaired

Maintaining the exterior of your home is essential for protecting it from pests and other potential damage. Checking for any cracks or holes around your home thoroughly is a great way to benefit from preventive maintenance, as these problems can often be fixed quickly and cheaply before they become major issues. Spending some time surveying your roof, walls, windows, and door frames will ensure that you spot any issues early, saving you both money and hassle down the line. So why not get out there today and ensure yor home stays in good repair!

6. Give Your Furnace A Tune-Up to Make Sure It’s Running Efficiently

With winter temperatures fast approaching, now is the perfect time to get your home’s furnace tuned up to ensure it runs efficiently and won’t require any costly repairs. Even if you haven’t had any issues with your furnace, regular maintenance will keep it running smoothly and help you avoid potential problems down the line. A professional technician can inspect all the components of your home’s heating system and ensure that it’s working properly and at an optimal level of efficiency. Taking this step now could save you from unexpectedly high Georgia Power energy bills or having to shell out cash for a completely new furnace in the future. Don’t wait until it’s too late; call a certified professional and give your furnace a tune-up today!

7. Trim Any Overhanging Branches or Foliage Away from Your Home

Overhanging branches or foliage can create a number of problems, the most significant of which is providing easy access to animals and pests. Trimming these away from your home will make it more difficult for them to reach areas they shouldn’t be in, such as under decks and eaves. Additionally, trimming away any potential fire hazards will reduce your risk of having a forest fire spread to your home and causing extensive damage. It’s also important to note that such foliage can block sunlight from reaching your home, making it harder for it to stay warm during cold weather months.

8. Seal Any Potential Air Leaks Around Your Home

Properly sealing your home is important for preventing drafts and other potential issues that may arise from air leaks. Identifying and then sealing any gaps, cracks, or holes you find can significantly help reduce future energy costs as well as enhance the comfort of your home in all seasons. Performing this task regularly is a great way to save both time and money while also protecting your home from potential damage due to water infiltration or other issues.

9. Install Weatherstripping or Insulation Where Needed

For drafts, windows, doors, and other areas of your home can help you identify any potential air leaks that may be costing you money. Installing weatherstripping or insulation wherever necessary will help to keep your home at the right temperature year-round and reduce any drafts that may be entering. Doing this regularly is a great way to save money on future energy costs and ensure that your home remains comfortable all year long. So what are you waiting for? Get started now and give your home the protection it needs!

10. Call A Cleaning Company

One of the best things you can do for your home is to hire a professional cleaning company if you live in Atlanta or Buckhead or Decatur. Professional cleaners are knowledgeable about the different tools and techniques that they need to clean every inch of your home, ensuring it looks sparkly and new. Not only will this make your home look great, but it will also help to improve air quality and reduce allergens and other pollutants that can be present in your home. We are a professional cleaning company in Atlanta providing high-quality services and you can reach out to us any time.