Your First Pro Cleaning: Etiquette, Hourly Rates, and Other Things You Should Know

by Stephanie - March 25, 2019

Should I tip my house cleaner, and how muchSo you’ve found your ideal home cleaners in Atlanta, GA, but you’re not sure how much house cleaners charge per hour. If this is your first time using a reliable one-day cleaning service, you’re likely to wonder about a thing or two.

Have no worry. In this article, we’ll answer a few questions people often ask when hiring a cleaning company. Read on to learn more.

Should I tip my house cleaner, and how much?

Professional cleaning services don’t expect or require tips from their clients. That being said, home cleaning is a dirty, strenuous job, so a tip is greatly appreciated. If you decide to be generous, you can’t go wrong with the standard 10-20% tip.

Should I prepare my house before the cleaner arrives?

Removing clutter such as clothes and toys before your maid shows up is a smart thing to do. It’ll speed up the cleaning process and give the cleaner an easier access to furniture, counters, and other areas that need to be thoroughly cleaned.

Putting fragile objects and heirlooms aside to avoid them being damaged is always a good idea. Furthermore, deciding which magazines and newspapers you still need, and which ones should be recycled will prevent your maid from unknowingly throwing away something you’re still reading.

What I should look for in a cleaning service?

The primary trait to look for in a house cleaner is trustworthiness. All maids who come to your home should be insured and bonded experts who have been thoroughly screened to ensure maximum dependability and enthusiasm.

After all, what’s more important than your and your family’s safety? You don’t want to worry about your belongings getting stolen or damaged while you’re out having fun with your family at the Georgia Aquarium.

Do I have to be home during the cleaning? What about my pets?

The answer to the first question depends on the company you’re hiring. Some services require the client to be present during the cleaning process while others prefer to work while the homeowner is out of the house.

If you have pets, you should definitely alert your cleaning service to the fact. This helps them prepare for the cleaning better (dog or cat hair sometimes requires specialized techniques to be removed) and ensures your pet is comfortable during the cleaning.

Are there any tools or information I have to provide to a house cleaner?What I you look for in a cleaning service

This depends on the specifics of your home and how exactly you want it cleaned. For instance, if you’d prefer your maid to use EPA-approved environmentally-friendly cleaning products, you should discuss it with them during the booking process.

You should also notify your cleaning service about any malfunctions in your home (for example, a broken sink) to prevent confusion. Also, supplying a step-stool or a small ladder to help the cleaning ladies get to hard-to-reach areas can be of great help.

Any other things to consider when scheduling a cleaning service?

As with all things in life, honesty is key. Make sure your cleaning company knows exactly how large and dirty your home is. This way, they can prepare accordingly and provide you with exactly the top-notch cleaning you want.

Where to book first-rate home cleaners in Atlanta, GA?

The Moxie Maids will help you get Atlanta’s finest maid service. We offer both flat rates and hourly pricing, and only charge after you’ve received your cleaning. We use a convenient online booking system that makes scheduling a cleaning quick and effortless.

Get in touch with us today if you have any further questions, or book a cleaning and see for yourself why we boast a 200% satisfaction guarantee. We can’t wait to meet you!