Top 4 Qualities of a Healthy Home Environment

by SEO - September 28, 2020

With everything that’s happening in the world right now, it’s no surprise that people everywhere are becoming increasingly more conscious of the importance of in-depth home cleaning and disinfecting.

Americans in particular are expanding their housekeeping efforts by booking professional disinfectant fogging treatments in Atlanta and taking extra measures to keep toxins out of their homes. And why not? As anyone will tell you, having a healthy home is absolutely crucial.

But why exactly is this so? Besides combating the spread of COVID-19, are there any other reasons to go the extra mile when cleaning and disinfecting your place? We’re glad you asked, because the answer is a resounding YES. Keep reading to learn why.

What are the 4 biggest benefits of a healthy home environment?

What are the 4 biggest benefits of a healthy home environmentFirst off, let’s address the obvious part: creating a healthy home environment means that your residential property will be free of all harmful pathogens. This naturally protects your and your family’s health by reducing the chance you’ll be exposed to germs and parasites.

Proper disinfection is especially important if you’ve recently had a member of your household get sick with an infectious disease, as it’ll keep others from coming down with the same bug.

Aside from that, here are the top 4 advantages of a healthy home:

1. It helps control chronic respiratory conditions

Allergies are the 6th most common chronic condition in the United States, with more than 50 million Americans experiencing them every year. As if that wasn’t bad enough, more than 25 million Americans suffer from some form of asthma.

Dust, allergy-inducing pollens, mold spores, pet dander, and other problematic particles are automatically kept to a minimum in a healthy home. This makes chronic respiratory conditions much easier to deal with.

2. It protects you from toxic materials

Did you know that some plastic food containers contain chemicals that can cause you to develop high blood pressure and insulin resistance? Or how about the fact that some everyday water bottles contain substances that can be harmful to babies and small children?

There are many other toxins that regularly find their way into our homes. Creating a healthy home also means ridding yourself of these dangerous substances.

3. It improves your mental health

People who spend a lot of time in dirty, cluttered environments tend to suffer from depression, anxiety, and lack of motivation. Furthermore, living in an unhealthy home makes others think you’re a slob, which in turn makes it more difficult to establish strong personal and professional relationships.

On the other hand, living in a clean and ordered apartment with a lot of sunlight and fresh air increases your energy levels, improves your sleep, and makes you more likely to socialize.

4. It protects your pets

Cats and dogs spend a lot of time lying on the floor, crawling under furniture, and generally getting into places where people rarely go. As a result, they’re more likely to come into contact with various toxins, parasites, fungi, and other harmful substances that can accumulate in an unhealthy home.

By regularly cleaning and disinfecting your place, you’ll also be making these out-of-the-way areas safer for your furry friends.

Where can I book a top-notch disinfectant fogging treatment in Atlanta?

Where can I book a top-notch disinfectant fogging treatmentThe only thing better than a healthy home environment is a healthy home environment that’s maintained by the top cleaning pros in Atlanta. If that sounds great to you, don’t hesitate to give The Moxie Maids a call.

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