Top 3 Rules for a Cleaner Home

by SEO - February 26, 2021

How do I keep my house clean at all timesWe doubt anyone in Roswell would disagree with us if we said that house cleaning is a true chore. It’s extremely repetitive, it requires costly cleaning supplies, and depending on how large and dirty your house is, it may also require a lot of elbow grease. Worst of all, it just seems to never end.

Even if you regularly hire professional maids to tidy up your home, you’ll still probably have to clean on your own sometimes. Luckily, with the right approach and the correct mindset, you can really cut down on the amount of cleaning you have to do.

We previously provided you with some pointers on how to reduce how much dust gets in your home and keep the clutter in your place to a minimum. Now we’ll list the 3 essential cleaning rules that can really make a difference when it comes to keeping your home tidy.

How do I keep my house clean at all times?

As always, prevention is key. The most efficient way to always have a pristine home is to not let the dirt and the clutter appear in it in the first place. This is best done by adopting a few positive habits and setting down some ground rules everyone in your household has to follow.

Here are 3 tried-and-true rules for a tidier home:

Rule #1: Outdoor shoes are a no-no

Did you know that most of the mud and grime that makes it into our houses does so on our outdoor shoes? Did you also know that this dirt often contains various pathogens, parasites, molds, and even insects?

By taking off your outdoor shoes as soon as you enter your home and replacing them with a pair of comfy slippers (and requiring your guests to do the same) you’ll be dramatically reducing the amount of dirt you have to deal with during your cleaning.

Rule #2: Pets should stay on the floor

Picking up animal hair is a major hassle that can add a lot of time to your cleanings. Even if you have a cat or dog breed that doesn’t shed, they can still end up scratching your furniture or even having an icky accident on it.

You can solve this by either teaching your beloved furry friend not to jump on furniture, or by picking a specific piece of furniture (for example, an old sofa) and only letting them use that one. Just make sure to warn any guests not to sit on that sofa!

Rule #3: Clean for 15 minutes every day

Do a bit of tidying up on a daily basis. Fluff up pillows, make beds, wash the dishes, do a round of laundry, wipe down countertops, and so on. You’ll be surprised to see how impactful just a little cleaning every day can be.

Where can I schedule an in-depth Roswell house cleaning?

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With the coronavirus pandemic still being a major threat throughout America, making sure your home is clean and germ-free is more important than ever. But what if work and other responsibilities simply don’t leave you with enough time to clean?

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