7 Common Cleaning Problems & How to Solve Them

by SEO - March 17, 2021

What problems can be experienced during cleaningHome cleaning can seem like a straightforward activity. That is, until you run into one of those sticky spots on the floor or extra stubborn stains that just refuse to go away no matter how hard you scrub.

While reaching out to an Alpharetta house cleaning company and booking a professional cleaning is a simple and reliable way to make even the toughest stains go away, learning how to deal with these deep cleaning tasks yourself is still well worth your while.

Let’s take a look at 7 common cleaning challenges and explain how to take care of them with minimal hassle. Keep reading to learn more.

What problems can be experienced during cleaning?

Many cleaning issues are caused by using too much or too little cleaning product. That is why you should periodically check the instructions on the packaging to verify that you’re using your cleaning chemicals correctly. Furthermore, you should never mix different cleaning products together.

Here’s how to deal with the rest of the most common cleaning problems:

1. Dull or discolored chrome or porcelain

Hard water mineral deposits cause surfaces to look dulled. Luckily, you can easily solve this issue by treating the surface with a hard water mineral remover. If the deposits are really extensive, you may also have to install a water softener.

2. Sticky floors

Wax buildup can often make surfaces feel unpleasantly sticky to the touch. If cleaning the floor with double the amount of all-purpose cleaner you normally use doesn’t fix the problem, you should get a specialized wax remover and apply it in accordance with the guidelines on the label.

3. Dull floors

If your floors seem to have lost their shine despite regular cleanings, they may be covered with the residue from your all-purpose cleaner. Giving them a thorough rinse should solve this issue.

4. Wax buildup on furniture

This almost certainly means you’re applying too much furniture polish. The good news is, this problem can be alleviated by buffing the furniture more thoroughly with a clean cloth. Another sign that you’re overdoing it with the polish is if the finish looks dull or the surface seems to attract excessive amounts of dust.

5. Streaked furniture

This is a sign that you’re not using enough furniture polish. Re-apply the polish and give the surface a good rub with a soft, clean cloth. Make sure to turn the cloth over frequently to a clean side.

6. Streaked windows

Using too much or not enough glass cleaner can have this effect, as does using high absorbency paper towels and polishing cloths that already contain wax or fabric softener residue. Lower absorbency paper towels and dry, clean cloths should be used instead.

7. Smudged window glass

If your windows are still smudged after you’ve given them a once over with a glass cleaner, you’re probably not using enough product for the amount of dirt on them. Apply more glass cleaner and wipe the glass down with a paper towel or a clean, dry cloth. Keep polishing until the smudges are gone.

Where can I find a dependable Alpharetta house cleaning company?

Alpharetta house cleaning company

Unfortunately, none of the above advice will help you if your job, family obligations, and other responsibilities make finding the time and energy to give your home an in-depth cleaning practically impossible.

Here at The Moxie Maids, we’d like to help you solve this problem by introducing you to the top cleaning professionals in Alpharetta. These experts will happily deal with your cleaning needs while you relax with your family or take care of some much-needed shopping at the North Point Mall. Contact us today!