How to Teach Your Kids to Help You With Household Chores

by SEO - November 25, 2020

How do I get my kids to clean the houseBeing a parent is harder than ever these days. In addition to all the usual stresses of raising children while holding a job, you now also have to spend more time tending to your home: cleaning and disinfecting in order to reduce the risk of COVID-19

Using professional maid services in Marietta, GA, is a great way to get both a sparkling clean house and some much-needed free time, but it’s far from your only option. Teaching your kids to help out with cleaning will not only make cleaning your home a breeze, it’ll also equip your children with an invaluable skill they’ll benefit from for the rest of their lives. 

But how do you get your children to help out with housekeeping or at least clean their rooms? How old should a kid be before they can learn to clean? Keep reading to find out!

At what age should a child clean up after themselves?

For most of history, children were expected to start working at what most Americans would consider to be an extremely young age. Their first “jobs” revolved around assisting their mothers and older siblings with daily tasks such as cooking and cleaning.

Aside from keeping them occupied and out of trouble, this approach taught kids essential housekeeping skills and enabled them to spend their energy in a healthy and useful way. Furthermore, it helped them develop a work ethic and a sense of responsibility. 

So there you have it: if your kid is old enough to hold a conversation, they’re also old enough to help around the house. If your kids are in primary school or they’re already teenagers, at the very minimum they should be required to clean their rooms. 

Here are a few ways even small kids can help out with housework: 

  • Wiping down freshly washed dishes with a cloth to dry them
  • Feeding pets
  • Getting under furniture to clean the dust bunnies is easy when you’re small
  • Gathering garbage such as food wrappings and old newspapers, and dropping them in a trashcan
  • Wiping down and dusting low shelves, cushions, leg rests, and similar items
  • Collecting scattered toys and putting them back where they belong

How do I get my kids to clean the house?

Finding the motivation to clean can be hard even when you’re an adult, so how do you motivate your kids to start cleaning? Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to do this. You need to set clear rules and stick to them no matter what.

Here are some things you can do:

Don’t let them do anything fun

Children can’t stand boredom. If you take away their phone, toys, and video games, and forbid them from going out until they’re finished cleaning, they’ll eventually give in and do it. Over time, your kids will stop complaining and get in the habit of completing their chores done before they start playing.

Treat them to a little something

Sometimes after your kids are done cleaning, don’t hesitate to reward them in some small way, such as by making them their favorite food or taking them to the movies. Over time, they will come to associate getting their chores done with something positive and enjoyable. 

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