Easy Fridge Cleaning Tips and Tricks

by SEO - January 31, 2022

Should I turn off the refrigerator when cleaningThe refrigerator is the one appliance in a normal household kitchen that gets used the most. It’s sometimes referred to as the kitchen’s workhorse. But you probably don’t thoroughly clean your fridge as frequently as you scrub your stovetop, countertops, and sinks. Microbes, dirt, and food residue may accumulate on the exterior, shelves, as well as drawers.

That’s why so many people rely on a professional maid service in Decatur, GA to keep their kitchen appliances in tip-top shape. However, it’s useful to know how to clean your fridge on your own so you don’t have to call the pros for the smallest of chores. 

Cleaning your fridge is as easy as knowing the proper steps to clean kitchen appliances. What’s more, having a clean and pristine-looking microwave, or restoring your oven’s good-old shine might be just the motivation you need to try to prepare those dishes you always deemed too difficult to make. 

Follow these steps to keep your fridge in a pristine condition, whether you’re doing a light clean or a thorough scrub. Read on!

Should I turn off the refrigerator when cleaning?

This fully depends on what type of cleaning you’re preparing to do. If you’re preparing for a light, regular cleaning job, you can safely clean it without unplugging it. A light clean means you’ll mostly clean the front of it, maybe the sides and a few shelves on the door. But, not more than that.

If you’re preparing to do a really thorough job, then it is always advised to turn it off before starting. Not only will you be able to clean all sides of it, since you’ll be able to move it, you’ll also get a chance to clean behind it, as well as the spot where it used to stand. 

In the case of a complete fridge clean, there are a few things that you should consider.

What is the easiest way to clean a refrigerator?

1. Degrease refrigerator shelves

Throw out any old or food that’s gone bad before cleaning the shelves and drawers. After that, remove all racks, and compartments and rinse them in warm soapy water. Dishwasher-safe drawers and shelves may be placed in the washer, but if you’re uncertain, hand wash them. Also, allow glass shelves to slowly warm up before using hot water to avoid chipping or cracking, and clean up any stains or tenacious food spills using a rubber scraper.

2. Cleaning the fridge

While the other parts are being washed or dried, it’s a good time to clean the inside of a fridge. To begin cleaning, use a solution of water and sodium bicarbonate. It’s always best to use natural cleaning products rather than commercial ones, since some store-bought solutions tend to leave an unwanted odor after cleaning. Tackle the fridge from top to bottom to avoid leaking onto already-clean surfaces.

3. Odors in the fridge

Throwing out rotten food does not always neutralize bad smells. Your fridge might create too much moisture, which encourages strong odors. Sodium bicarbonate will save the day once again by removing fridge smells without the need for pricey chemicals. After cleaning and drying, place a small container of baking soda on the lowest shelf. That way, the baking soda will absorb scents inside your fridge and deodorize it.

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What is the easiest way to clean a refrigerator

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