Top Tips for Mopping Floors

by SEO - November 30, 2021

Mopping is a normal part of every cleaning routine and most people do it without giving it much thought. But, the truth is that there is actually a correct way to mop your floors. Just like mirror and window cleaning methods, sink stain removal and maintenance and proper methods for vacuuming, there are some ways to make mopping more effective.

While you can always book a house cleaning service in East Point, GA and let professionals handle your housework, including mopping, some homeowners prefer doing this task on their own. Read on for expert tips that could help you improve your technique and get your floors to look shiny and fresh. 

What is the best thing to mop floors with?

What is the best thing to mop floors withEven compared to all the premium commercial cleaning products, simple homemade solutions are still among the most popular cleaners that are used for mopping floors.

The most common one of these is a solution made by mixing warm water and dish detergent. Simply fill a  bucket with lukewarm water, add a squirt of dish detergent and mix them together. Dish detergent is made to easily tackle even the greasiest and toughest stains and filth, so it’s always a good choice for cleaning floors.

As far as cleaning tools are concerned, you can never go wrong with a standard mop and a bucket with a strainer. Or you can opt for more modern cleaning aids, such as a flatheaded mop with a spray bottle attached to it for easy cleaning solution dispensing. This alternative might be better for hardwood floors or laminate, which can be damaged if soaked in too much water.

Why is my floor still dirty after mopping?

You might be thinking that the solution would be to simply keep mopping until they’re clean. However, the truth is that there can be many different reasons why floors remain dirty even after you’ve just mopped them.

The most common reasons include:

1. There’s too much soap 

You may be using too much of your commercial cleaning product when mopping, so there’s too much soap and foam. Foam traps water, making you mop with too much water, which ends up only smearing dirt and not really wiping it off the floor. 

2. The water is too dirty

Even if the water looks clean, it may not be. The dirt on your floors may not be easily visible and you could be picking it up without realizing. There’s bound to be a lot of grease also, especially if you’re mopping the kitchen floor. It won’t be making the water change color like dirt would, but it will still make it dirty nonetheless. Water should be changed regularly even when you feel like you don’t need to do so. This is crucial if you want to completely and thoroughly mop your floors.

What is the proper way to mop?

Why is my floor still dirty after moppingHere’s what to do:

  • Make sure not to use too much soap, usually only a squirt of dishwashing liquid in a gallon of water is enough.
  • Use an appropriate mop for different types of floors.
  • Wring out the mop before cleaning and make sure that you’re not using too much water.
  • If your mop is old, invest in a new one. It will make cleaning that much faster.

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