How to Restore the Shine of Your Sink

by SEO - December 21, 2021

How-to-Restore-the-Shine-of-Your-SinkKitchen cleaning is a labor-intensive process. Because it takes many steps, it’s very easy to overlook or rush through certain areas. The kitchen sink is exposed to soiling every day, but many people still neglect it. However, you should definitely pay close attention to it because the combination of food leftovers and dirty dishes with moisture and heat spells trouble. The sink can become the ideal breeding ground for germs without you even knowing. And regular, thorough cleaning is the only way to ward off the accumulation of bacteria.

Many people decide to find a reliable East Point, GA maid service to handle this chore for them. If you’d still like to do it on your own, there are certain techniques you need to keep in mind. Just like you need to get the hang of mopping techniques, get to know a few tips to dust effectively, and develop a strategy for polishing your mirrors, sink cleaning takes some expertise. Read on to find out more!

What removes stains from the sink?

Baking soda, alcohol-based vinegar, and a little scrubbing is all you’ll ever need to clean most types of sinks, including porcelain, stainless steel, and granite.

Using baking soda as a cleaner may be the oldest trick in the book, but it’s effective and it’s still used on most surfaces. Regular alcoholic vinegar is a natural cleaner and disinfectant that can be used on different types of sinks, as well as a variety of other surfaces and textiles. Baking soda’s moderate abrasiveness combined with vinegar’s acidity cuts through oily residue, disinfects, and dissolves calcium build-up that creates water stains.

However, if you own a sink with a smoother surface, such as ceramics and copper, use dish soap and water with a towel instead of scrubbing. It’s much gentler, but you’ll achieve great results without damaging the surface.

How do you deep clean a sink?

Remember not to use anything that might damage the surface, such a scourer or a rough brush. A soft cloth or sponge is ideal. For tiny places, a soft, old toothbrush might be used. Here’s what to do.

1. Go over the surface

Start by using normal dish soap and a soft cloth or a sponge to wipe down the sink. Begin from the top and make your way down to the bottom of the basin.

2. Take care of the drain

You may either use hot tap water or boil a pot of water. Sprinkle some baking soda onto the bottom of the basin, pour some vinegar inside, and then fill the sink with hot water. Let it go down the drain. This will get rid of any odors and dislodge any clogs in the drain. Just be careful not to come in contact with the hot water and avoid using scalding water, since it might damage the plumbing.

3. Dry it out

Simply dry the basin of the sink using a dry cloth or paper towels.

4. Make your own stain-remover mix

Make a combination of baking soda and lemon juice for places that are difficult to treat. Buff the sink in a circular motion with a clean towel, concentrating on the discolored spots. Rinse the basin thoroughly.

5. Make a DIY disinfecting agent

For an all-natural homemade disinfectant, which you can use on almost any surface, combine equal parts of alcoholic vinegar and lukewarm water. Spray it onto the sink and wait a couple of minutes  To make the sink gleam, give it one last clean with a light, dry cloth.

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