How to Clean Hardwood Floors

by SEO - August 27, 2021

Is mopping wood floors badIn recent times, hardwood floors have become a standard in most homes. Once a staple of luxury, they’ve now become significantly cheaper and affordable for almost anyone. But the main issue that people tend to have with hardwood floors is not knowing how to properly clean them.

Many people in Tucker hire home cleaning professionals so they don’t have to worry about the right and wrong cleaning practices. Cleaning hardwood floors can still be a little tricky even if you know how to keep your wooden kitchen counters looking fresh, what items you can clean with vinegar, or what products are safe to use on wooden surfaces. However, if you’d like to give it a shot yourself, you’ll benefit from some handy, time-tested tips. So, read on!

Why are my hardwood floors still dirty after mopping?

The truth is that hardwood floors can be really difficult to clean, depending on the type that you chose for your home. The ones that tend to have a more nature-like look, with indentations and grooves, can be extremely hard to clean. Also, if the finish hasn’t been properly applied and doesn’t follow floor rules and regulations, you may have a harder time cleaning it without damaging it. Not only does the finish protect the wood from deteriorating, dirt and potential spillage, but it also makes it a hundred times easier to clean.

Your floors may still look dirty after mopping because they haven’t been cleaned in a while and cleaning with water and mop just won’t cut it. Here’s what you can do to restore their former shine:

  • Use simple, flat-headed mops designed for wooden floors.
  • Don’t oversaturate your floors with water because you can damage them that way.
  • If the simple water-cleaning technique doesn’t help, you can add a bit of a mild soap to the water, to make your cleaning job a little bit easier. 
  • If you do end up using a little bit of soap, mop it again, this time using only water to get rid of the leftover excess soap.

Is mopping wood floors bad?

No, it’s not. The only time when it could be damaging to your hardwood floors is if you end up using too much water when you mop them.

The regular mops that you usually use coupled with a bucket that has a strainer attached to it won’t do. They are intended for tile mopping and should not be used on wood because they absorb and use too much water when you mop. All of that excess water will do more harm than good and damage your wooden floors.

Instead, use proper mops that are intended for wooden floor cleaning, which you can almost completely drain of water.

What should you avoid on hardwood floors?

Like it was previously mentioned, don’t use too much water when cleaning your hardwood floors. Use mops, rugs, or sponges that don’t absorb too much water and lightly clean your wooden floors.

If they are properly lacquered, this should be enough for most floors. However, if it isn’t, stay away from strong cleaning agents, such as vinegar or bleach. You can damage your hardwood finish without even realizing it. Over time, your wooden floors will change color or the dirt will cling to the wood, which will be extremely hard to clean and also damaging to the wood.

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