The Best Way to Go About Cleaning the Living Room

by SEO - May 28, 2021

Where do I start when cleaning my living roomThe living room is one of the rooms that gets used most often. So, it comes as no surprise that it’s one of the most time-consuming rooms to clean. If you live in a smaller house or an apartment and you have a larger family, it can get messy really quickly. Luckily, there are certain ways in which you can speed up your living room cleaning.

Simply scheduling professional maid services in Chamblee, GA is the easiest way, but there’s also another way to go about it if you wish to do it yourself. Same as how there’s a proper way to clean your kitchen, a correct way to scrub your bathroom tiles, and the best method to tidy your bedroom, there is a correct way to clean your living space. Read on and find out how to do it like a professional.

Where do I start when cleaning my living room?

For many, the living room is the heart of the home. It’s where the family gathers and it’s one of the rooms that gets used daily by every member of the household. If everyone leaves just one thing out of place, like a jacket over the sofa, or a half-eaten bowl of snacks on the coffee table, it’s no wonder why it can become such a mess in an instant. Clutter, dust, and furniture wear and tear are just a few things that you have to deal with every single day.

Here are a few expert tips to help you:

  • Avoid cleaning the same area multiple times. Going back to the same spots and cleaning them over and over again is the most common mistake that prolongs your cleaning time. What you want to do is clean top to bottom.
  • Light fixtures, ceiling fans and high corners collect tons of dust. Cleaning these spots first avoids the problem of double-cleaning. If you started cleaning from down low, all of the dust from these high places would simply just fall on the already clean surfaces.
  • Clean the windows without leaving streaks on the glass. The trick is to start from the top of the window and work your way down. Using a squeegee is your best option, and even if there is some residue, simply running an antimicrobial cloth over the dry window will get rid of those pesky streaks.
  • The only thing left after that is to clean things close to the ground that have been collecting falling dust from everything you’ve previously cleaned. Things like cleaning the coffee table, low shelves, TV stand, and vacuuming should be done at the end.

How do you clean and organize your living room?

As previously mentioned, the most important thing when it comes to living room cleaning is the order in which you do the tasks. The second most important thing is to use the best tools for the job. Using safe and tested products will not only ensure that you clean properly, but also that the chemicals used won’t have a negative effect on your family’s health.

How do you clean and organize your living room

Keeping your living room clutter-free is all about discipline. You can keep your room clutter-free for a long time by simply sorting out the room daily for 5-10 minutes. In addition to that, you can rent a self-storage unit to keep your house free of unnecessary stuff. You can also try and:

  • Cover your cords or binder clip them together
  • Add living room shelving and cabinets that don’t take up much space
  • Use living room storage baskets
  • Use a coffee table for extra storage
  • Put a small table behind your couch, which is a perfect place for pictures and other living room décor
  • Simply throw out what you aren’t using

Where can I book reliable maid services in Chamblee, GA?

Having to deal with the same chores over and over again puts a lot of pressure on homeowners. At some point, you might just completely ignore them and simply go and have a picnic with your family in Keswick Park. However, there’s a way to get rid of all that unnecessary stress without compromising the cleanliness of your home.

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