Why a Clean Home Can Improve Your Health and Happiness

by Stephanie - February 28, 2023

Clean Home Improve Health Health and Happiness

Home is a sanctuary, a place of comfort and peace for most of us. It’s a space where we feel at ease, surrounded by the things that make us happy. But while the home is meant to be our sanctuary, it can also be our undoing. If you’re anything like me, your home can get messy very easily. And cleaning can be a chore.

I’m not exaggerating when I say cleaning a cluttered space can be exhausting and time-consuming, making it difficult to enjoy the space as much as you want. Besides all the physical work, cleaning can also be emotionally draining and mentally taxing; there’s always room for improvement, right? While cleaning brings mental or physical benefits (as of now), it also has many health benefits. This blog post will discuss the health benefits of keeping your home clean.

The Health Benefits of a Clean Home

One of the many health benefits of a clean home is the reduction of stress and improved mental well-being. A clean home can foster a sense of order and cleanliness, providing a sense of control and stability for individuals and families. Let’s discuss it further in more detail.

1. Cleaning releases endorphins

Cleaning can act as a tranquilizing task, releasing endorphins into your brain. Endorphins are the chemicals that are released when you are physically active, resulting in a positive feeling in your body. Regular cleaning tasks can release endorphins into your system, making cleaning a calming and therapeutic task. Studies have shown that cleaning activities can release endorphins in the body and help reduce stress and anxiety. Cleaning your home regularly can keep stress levels low and maintain healthy mental and physical health.

2. Declutter to improve your focus

Decluttering your workspace can help you focus on the tasks at hand. Reducing distractions by getting rid of items that are no longer useful or serving a purpose in your life can promote relaxation and a clear mindset. Organizing and cleaning up clutter in your home can also help you concentrate on your tasks. It may be hard to get work done if you have a messy desk or office. But if you declutter your space, you will be able to focus better and accomplish more. By organizing your work area and clearing away the unnecessary, you can free up space to focus on the important tasks at hand.

3. Happiness boost

A clean home naturally boosts endorphins in the brain, which can result in an increased level of happiness. Cleaning a home also tends to leave people feeling satisfied and accomplished, leading to an improved mood.

Cleaning a home can demonstrate self-care and self-nurturing, which can benefit mental well-being. Additionally, caring for the environment and home can help demonstrate self-care and self-nurturing by caring for one’s own space.

4. Increases productivity

Cleanliness can also contribute to feeling more in control and organized. An orderly environment can help reduce feelings of depression and anxiety while freeing up energy to work on tasks. Cleaning can also boost mood and reduce stress, leading to increased productivity. By taking time out to clean your home every week, you can ensure a clean, neat, and organized space that allows you to focus on your work with ease.

5. Sharing a clean environment makes for a better relationship

When your home is clean, it creates a more positive and relaxing environment. This can improve your relationship with both family and friends. When living spaces are clutter-free, people have more room to relax and unwind. This, in turn, can lead to better communication and overall relationships.

6. Decreases stress

A clean home can play a crucial role in reducing stress. A clean home signals a level of self-care and demonstrates pride in what we own which can reduce stress. Keeping the house clean can help reduce allergies which can help reduce stress. Regularly vacuuming carpets and dusting furniture can help reduce pollutants and immune system disruptors, which can help reduce stress. Clearing the clutter from around the house can also help reduce stress by providing a sense of accomplishment.

7. Better sleep

People who make their beds regularly are more likely to sleep well on a regular basis. In addition, keeping a clean bedroom can help create a “sleepoasis” atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation and sleep. To ensure a clean home, it is important to keep it free of germs and allergens that could lead to fewer sick days and lower allergies. Clean sheets with a fresh scent can help improve sleep quality. Additionally, natural room sprays can help create a relaxing environment for sleep. By maintaining a clean and comfortable bedroom, people can ensure a healthy sleep cycle every night.

How a Messy Home Can Affect Your Mood

A messy home can have a negative effect on your mood, according to a study by psychologists Saxbe and Repetti. In their research, they found that clutter in the home had a negative impact on mental health, as it leads to decreased focus and confusion. The association between cluttered environments and mental health problems has been well-documented in the scientific community, with some suggesting that cluttered homes may be a trigger for mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

It is also known that clutter can overstimulate the brain, making it harder to recover from mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Having an organized and clean home can help people regain their balance and feel happier and more focused. By cleaning, organizing, and reducing clutter in their homes, people can take control of their environment and create a more calming atmosphere.


A clean home can be beneficial to your health and happiness. Keeping a clean bedroom creates a “sleepoasis” atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation and sleep. In addition, cleaning can help reduce the number of sick days you have each year. By cleaning your home regularly, you will improve your health and feel more relaxed and happy in your surroundings. If you need home cleaning services in Atlanta or  Alpharetta, then you can give us a call (or book a cleaning online), as we offer the best cleaning services in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.