Should Your Children Help out with Cleaning?

by Stephanie - January 9, 2020

Back in our grandparents’ time, it was normal for only one parent to be employed while the other remained home to do housekeeping and take care of the kids. The US economy has changed a lot since those times, and today it’s much harder for a family to survive on a single paycheck.

As a result, people are forced to focus on home cleaning instead of relaxing after work, or book professional house cleaning services in Atlanta to do their cleaning for them. Luckily for you, you can cut the time you spend cleaning by relegating parts of the cleaning to the other members of your household.

In this article, we’ll explain how to teach your kids to help you with cleaning, and why doing so is beneficial for everyone involved. Keep reading to learn more.

Why should kids help around the house?Why should kids help around the house

Fact#1: cleaning is boring and time-consuming. Fact#2: cleaning is absolutely crucial for a person’s health and mental wellbeing. Making sure your children develop cleaning habits early on is not just desirable: it should be your priority as a parent.

Why everyone needs to learn to clean as soon as possible:

  • A kid who learns to clean after themselves at a young age will not only be healthier and look better, they will also naturally be more responsible and less likely to be friends with people who aren’t as tidy as them.
  • Once your child understands how much effort can go into cleaning, they will be more mindful of their environment and try to minimize the amount of dirt and clutter they create.
  • Effective cleaning is a skill set your kids will make use of throughout their lives. The sooner they learn it, the better they will be at it,
  • Nobody wants to be friends with a slob, and no parent wishes to let their child play with a kid that clearly lacks basic hygiene. By making sure your children clean up after themselves and don’t make a mess, you’ll make it easier for them to make friends.

How to get your family to clean up after themselves?

When it comes to getting people to do something they really don’t feel like doing, it’s all about setting up clear rules and sticking to them.

Teach your kids to clean by:

How to get your family to clean up after themselves

  • Assigning cleaning responsibilities. Young children should always store their toys and game controllers at designated spots after they’re done playing with them. Teenagers should keep their rooms clean and put dishes and cutlery in the dishwasher after eating. Young adults are basically grownups themselves so they shouldn’t get any free rides: they should perform full home cleanings at least once or twice a month,
  • Don’t let them do anything fun until they’re done cleaning. If your kids are avoiding their cleaning responsibilities, you must take away their toys, TV remotes, phones, game controllers, etc., and not let them play or go out until they’ve completed their chores. Children and teenagers can’t stand boredom, and will eventually give up and do their cleaning,
  • Stay adamant. Contrary to the popular saying, rules aren’t there to be broken. Stay consistent and don’t let up until your kids no longer need to be reminded to do their chores. Letting your kids be lazy will only spoil them in the long run.

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